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Classes are Over - Pupdates.
« on: November 07, 2012, 09:35:06 AM »
So Bauer and Rubi have officially completed their Fall Session of classes.

Rubi was in LOL Dogz, which really had no structure and was nothing more than a "see what your dog can do" type of class. She climbed in a box (with socks on), she bobbed for treats, she climbed thru a tunnel, she walked on those air cushion thingies you use to fill packages with, she did lots of "weird" things, including tying a stuffed rat to her back and walking around with a cowboy hat on. LOL She tested herself and pushed herself on the things she was concerned with and when she overcame her worries, her eyes lit up and she was so happy and proud of herself. Even proved me wrong a few times when I said "she can't get her body into the tunnel" or "she can't climb under that fence." But she did it. Although she was the 2nd oldest of the class, she was the one with the most physical restraints. Even though she couldn't sit, she still found her way through the course and made everyone fall in love with her.

Bauer was the star of his Beginner Obedience class. There was no telling he was  far more advanced than the other dogs in the class, but it was still good practice for both of us and even showed some of the things we can work on.

So, we are officially done til January, but I'm considering signing them both up again. Bauer will obviously continue on with classes, but there were days when I didn't think Rubi wanted to keep going. She's proven me wrong and we will most likely either sign her up for Shy Dogs or Tricks and Treats and Bauer will go into Rally Novice and Pre-Agility in January. We'll be busy bees, that's for sure.

I also bought a FitPaws balance disk. Should be here Friday and I can't wait. Will be great therapy for Rubi's hind legs and excellent balance work for Bauer's rear end awareness - which he's really good at, but we always work on core strength and placement. So, will be fun.
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Re: Classes are Over - Pupdates.
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2012, 11:31:36 AM »
Glad to know Miss Rubi had a great time.  I am glad she proved you wrong.  We know Bauer is a star.  So glad you are going to continue letting Rubi have such a good time.   :thumbsup: :smitten:  Can't wait to see pics of Bauer when he starts competing :smitten: