Author Topic: Want to switch to raw but am nervous and have no idea where to begin!  (Read 1680 times)


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Id love to start feeding raw. I just have no clue how to start. I understand from research to start with chicked quarters? I'm afraid to make myself chicken bc I could get sick. I can feed her chicken completly raw w/o her getting sick? And should I do it outside so I do not contaminate my house with raw meat? It really scares me. No clue why. She's about 40lbs so how much should she be getting per meal? How many meals a day? Any advice would be great. I want to do this but like I said, no idea how to begin. She is on Wellness right now. Can you just switch all the way right away or do I need to do it slowly? She's 1y/o. If its best then I'm all for it but honestly, it freaks me out a bit. Just seems dangerous. Of course I know nothing about it. Thanks!


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Re: Want to switch to raw but am nervous and have no idea where to begin!
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2011, 09:00:45 PM »
Here's a link to help you get started  .  There are lots of websites out there that you can research , books to read , groups to join and if your lucky you can find a co-op group near you  to join and get great deals on raw for your pups . 

NewCastle has a page on her site that shows how she feeds her dogs .    .    This will give you an idea how to start .  You may be overwhelmed at first , but once you get started it should get easier . 

Oh and when I first started to feed my girl raw , I switched her cold turkey .   It would freak me out to hear her crunching on the bones , and then swallow it .  But the more I fed her the more comfortable I got with it .   

Good luck  :thumbsup:
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Re: Want to switch to raw but am nervous and have no idea where to begin!
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2011, 08:51:30 AM »
Ditto Heather...I was worried at first too, I give 1 meal of kibble (TOTW) and one of raw.  I grind my raw, makes it easier for me in the winter, but also give whole chicken & rabbit thighs, necks & backs in the summer outside to keep the mess down.

I homecook too during the winter months.  I use a pressure cooker and cook enough for about 2 months or so.
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Re: Want to switch to raw but am nervous and have no idea where to begin!
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2011, 05:12:29 PM »
This website really helped me out a lot:

No she's not going to get sick eating raw food, that's what mother nature designed them to eat.  Their digestive tracts are much much shorter than ours and are designed to handle raw meat.  I had to watch Stori chewing bones when she first started on raw as she didn't really know HOW to chew (frozen raw meat helped her a lot with learning how to chew).  I feed Stori inside out of her bowl.  Sometimes she pulls her food out of her bowl to chew on the tile floor and I just wash it with soap or vinegar after.  I also feed her outside too, just depends on the weather.

I feed her twice a day, and you should be feeding 2-3% of their adult body weight (Stori is 54 lbs so I feed her about 1.5 lbs per day, depending on her activity level, more if she's active, bit less if she's having a lazy day).

There are so many benefits to feeding raw and far outweigh the benefits of feeding kibble IMO.  I was scared of switching Stori to raw, but really, it's common sense.  Dogs are carnivores and are supposed to be eating meat.  They have not had the time to evolve eating kibble, since kibble was invented only about 60 years ago.

Sorry for coming across a bit strong, lol.  I've become very passionate about what I feed Stori after learning what the pet food industry is like, and it makes me angry lol (and good luck getting your vet on board with raw, since they've been taught/brainwashed by pet food industry reps).

Hope this helps and if you've got any more questions, we can definitely help.  I feed stori more of a whole pray model, rather than barf, as I believe that dogs are carnivores, not omnivores.

You know what's best for your dog, and really, it's all about common sense.  Clean up after you prepare her food and clean up after she eats and you won't have to worry about your kids getting sick.

Good luck and have fun.  I've loved learning all about raw and i guess you could say, it's really opened my eyes :thumbsup:
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