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Xena in Open Foundations
« on: January 30, 2010, 12:00:21 PM »
For the last two weekends, Xena and I have been working in a special Open Foundations seminar taught by a local AKC judge (Aaron's Xmas gift to me  :smitten: )  We've been working on a variety of stuff, but Xena has really impressed me with how well she's doing with retrieving.  We got her a properly fitted dumbbell the weekend before class started and I had taught her to take it from me while I was standing and I just handed it to her.

In just the last two weeks, I've been able to get her taking it from me if I'm sitting (initially, if I sat, she laid down), take it from me from any position I'm holding it in (to my left, right, low, high, etc) and we've even started having her actual take it from the floor and bring it back to me.  Her consistency is pretty damned impressive for how early on we are and her interest in it really surprised me.  She's never been big on fetch or holding stuff in her mouth, but she seems to actually enjoy this!

Unfortunately, the building where classes are taught is a livestock pavilion with a sawdust arena and she told me today that picking her DB off that floor is totally disgusting. The first time I tried to have her take it from the floor today, she leaned away and pawed at it like "ewwwww"  :laugh4: We moved to the cement isle and she was willing to take it.

I don't blame her for being grossed out, but that's where classes for my club are held so hopefully I can work her past her disgust. We can only use the cement isle for so long before we need more room. If Aaron's job situation straightens out, I'll probably enroll her in some classes at the spendy place - that building has matting just like shows, so it's a more realistic practice surface.
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