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More Nutro info
« on: September 06, 2007, 04:50:21 PM »
As posted from Sibernet-L

I read the email that Marilyn forwarded and was very concerned.  We give our
guys Nutro Max Mini Bones as treats - and didn't like the non-response from
Nutro that the author of the email claimed or the charges that went with it. 
(I'm not talking about Marilyn, she was just passing on information!  I truly
appreciated the heads up from Marilyn!)
I decided to try contacting Nutro myself.  There was nothing on their website
about a new recall - so I used their "contact us" form to zip them my
concerns. That was Monday.  Wednesday, I got a phone call! 
Geoff and I spent probably half an hour on the phone, with him answering
every one of my concerns.  He has seen the email Marilyn forwarded before -
apparently, it's one of those "let's send rumors around the internet" type of
things.  Here is a summary of what we discussed:
There are no new recalls; no dry products were affected.  Nutro Max Mini
bones are SAFE.  So why the wet products but not the dry?  They don't
sell/make enough "wet" products to make it economically feasible to have their
own manufacturing facilities in the States.  That is why they use the "co-
packers" (like Menu Foods, in Ontario) which in turn import some of their
ingredients.  They do NOT import ingredients for dry products; Nutro has 2
manufacturing plants for their dry products in the US - one in CA, one in TN. 
The email mentions WalMart.  Nutro does not sell its products in WalMart -
only in pet stores or pet food stores.
As per products being shipped from China to the US now and being tagged by
the FDA ... what you have their is Nutro recalling their own products from
China, ordering them back so they (Nutro) can test them and properly dispose
of them.
He also emailed me the response they normally send out - I'll send that
separately, since I'm already "long" here.  After we spoke, Geoff thought of a
couple other things and called me back.  I was very impressed.  I know they
are being barragged with calls, but he gave me a LOT of his time.
I'm sure I'm leaving a lot of things out.  If anyone has any questions, please

Missy/Precious mom

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Re: More Nutro info
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2007, 08:47:14 PM »
It is good that they are willing to discuss the situation with people.  I switch between Canidae and Nutro Ultra. 


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Re: More Nutro info
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2007, 10:16:06 PM »
Now the rumors are flying that Canidae and Cali Natural contain acetometaphin.  ::) What people won't do to tarnish what left of the dog foods we feed. A friend of mine emailed Canidae who responded that these types of allegations are asking for a lawsuit, there is NO acetemetophin in their dog foods and it's all rumors. I swear, as if keeping up with these recalls aren't enough....trying to decipher what's real and not real anymore, it's getting ridiculous!
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