Author Topic: any vancouver members?  (Read 353 times)


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any vancouver members?
« on: August 22, 2007, 09:56:18 PM »
I found this site that has ground bone and their prices look reasonable.   $2.25 for 454 grams (1 lb?)  They don't ship, so if there are any members in V.BC, they might want to check out this store:

Momo Food

Ground Bone for BARF/Raw Meals
If your making your own raw food for your furry friend you will want to know about this: MomoFood Packaged Ground Bone.

All complete raw meals for dogs, cats, or ferrets need to contain bone material or a substitute.  Bone Meal/ Gelatin works okay, but it is not perfect.  The best way to get the benefits of raw bones is to eat raw bones.  Unfortunately grinding bone takes a powerful grinder that not many people will have kicking around their homes.  To help you in making your own raw food for your companions we offer this product, ground chicken bone.  You can add this to any dog, cat, or ferret food recipe.  It can even be offered as a meal alternative on it's own.

Packaged in 454 grams, frozen.

Sorry, but we are unable to provide shipping outside our local area on this raw product.

they have free range chickens and all kinds of game also.   wish there was a store like that around here!