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Re: Rippley at Almost 3
« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2007, 01:36:14 PM »

Good luck finding a stud with the correct length of upper arm......I am beginning to think that boxers with correct length of upper arm are non-existant so if you find one let me know about him.

They're out there - you just have to look. . . and possibly be willing to expand your search outside our country's borders to find him (not to say he can't be found in the US, but it's a big world and there are a whole lotta dogs out there to choose from. ;) )
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Re: Rippley at Almost 3
« Reply #16 on: July 25, 2007, 02:08:23 PM »
She's gorgeous!  Love her!


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Re: Rippley at Almost 3
« Reply #17 on: July 25, 2007, 06:17:29 PM »
After searching and taking some advice from others I did find a great dog to compliment her , he added some bone and better angulation also that look at me attitude that my girl was missing .Better yet the pairing also kept the qualities I wanted to keep . I got more improvenemt than I had expected.   

I have been told that not to expect any drastic improvements in a breeding , that it will take a few generations to get what you are trying to achive . Keep an open mind about what is more important for you to fix , we all have our pet peeves . And mostly do not loose sight of your goal .

Look not at only the stud dog but what is behind him and what he has produced .I did my research and I think I had such a nice litter because I knew what he could produce when bred to another bitch with similar faults .

Mostly Good luck . I would love to see some beautiful puppies 

I started my search for a stud dog when Rippley was well under 6 months of age .  I knew it could take A very long time for me to find what I want out of this pairing .   So I started looking at the type of dogs that were pleasing to my eyes .  I love the HiTech dogs , not all of them but my fav is Rex HiTech Aristocrat .  Something about his eyes ......    I also love the Imports from certin lines too .  Rippley has AU in her pedigree and I have found a dog from the UK that is here in the US and he  goes back to a  dog that is in Miss Rippleys pedigree .  He has had only one litter so far bred to an Am. bitch and the litter so far look Really good .   He should add the bone that I need , and better angles .  Pigment , longer lived lines and the Spark that I oh so need in the ring ...... will I hope come through all the pups . 

As they say" Keep your Eyes on the Prize " , LOL .

I hope to have some really cute babies by the end of this year if all goes well .   
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Re: Rippley at Almost 3
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I hope to have some really cute babies by the end of this year if all goes well .  
Great, I can't wait to see cute puppy pictures.....
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Re: Rippley at Almost 3
« Reply #19 on: August 31, 2007, 07:15:02 AM »
There are a lot of options in studs when you are looking at a bitch like Rippley.  Especially since there has been a shift in many breeders to go back into the older lines and the import lines.  In 2003, when I got started in show boxers, there were FEW studs out there that I even thought were semi-nice, but there has been a consistant increase in nice studs over the last year.  I think there are some TRUE prospects in GREAT producers coming out!
Rippley and her ring issues ( IMO) has more to do with her ADD than her will.  BUT< when I handled her in Harrisburg last year she did MUCH better for Heather than she did for me.  I think she was doing it cause Mum wanted her to, not because she wanted to!  But, I do think a lot has to do with training as a puppy, Cass loves the ring...and it shows most of the time ( unless I am off-then he is off as well).  But, you gotta just find what sparks your dog, which can be hard, and it can come too late!
The main thing is to make it fun, and not work!  FOR BOTH PARTIES!!!!

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