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When People Come Over....
« on: December 16, 2012, 11:48:58 PM »
I know we've discussed this topic a million times, but having friends over last night got me thinking.

What is our doggie-protocal for when people come over?

Normally, I put Bauer in the crate. Rubi has earned her freedom when the doorbell rings, mostly because she physically can no longer jump up and knock people over.

Bauer squeels, he fusses, he tries to break out of the crate. Once he settles down, I let him out - sometimes on leash, til he gets used to having some freedom.

Other times, I let them both stay out, but keep him on leash til he calms down.

Yesterday, we had friends come over and I had Bauer on leash. He went batty. Wouldn't calm down. And granted, they were only over for a few minutes before we all left to go out to eat, he never really settled. I had treats, as I always do, and he ignored the first few attempts, then finally started to sit for treats, but still VERY excited. I ended up not being able to take him off leash, but he went right to his crate so we could leave.

I started thinking about when we had people in and out of here for a week over Thanksgiving. At first, both pups were VERY excited for their visitors. We had my brother and his GF staying here, my parents and mother in law stayed at a hotel, but our house was "homebase" and pretty much we all spent alot of time here. After the first day or so, the pups were used to people coming in and out and altho still got excited, Bauer quickly settled in and wasn't as jumpy as time went on. He pretty much was either crated when we knew they were coming, or he was out and each time, he calmed down pretty quickly. Not sure if he just got used to everyone or he was just getting more tired as time progressed from all of the excitement.

Yesterday was difficult because he was REALLY pulling hard on the leash - nearly causing "rope burn." So, I started wondering.....was the leash causing the extra excitement? Was he feeling the anticipation down to the end of the leash? Is it better to leave him out and deal with his excitement, which to me seems like a self fulfilling reward, or put him in the crate where he learns that calm behavior gets him the reward?? I really would like to get a manners minder, but he does know his "place" even without it, it just NEVER works when people come over.

It doesn't help that the friends that came over do make a fuss with him. I've tried to give them the, "ignore til he settles" but they can't help themselves. They aren't "dog people" and have never had a dog themselves - although they are starting to want one. But, I feel like my techniques may be the wrong approach and the more and more I'm learning about proper training methods, I've been questioning what I'm doing wrong.

One thing is for sure, this boy sure is teaching me more than I ever could imagine. Trying something new for him, compared to Rubi, compared to Grady, sure does open your eyes and make you understand the saying, "no two snowflakes are alike." Boy, is that the truth!
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Re: When People Come Over....
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2012, 08:16:52 AM » dogs go bat sh*t crazy when people come over. Abby will calm down within minutes and then be fine, but George is relentless...jumping, barking, kissing, hugging the  We usually have to put him either in his crate or downstairs until he calms down, but even then sometimes he just really never calms down and won't leave the guests alone.  :smash:  Sometimes I just give him a kong with PB to calm him down.  ::)

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Re: When People Come Over....
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2012, 04:24:09 PM »
I have to hold Star or put him up, he goes crazy. Lucky normally settles pretty quickly, unless Star starts barking. Once he's barking, Lucky and Boomer start howling.
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Re: When People Come Over....
« Reply #3 on: December 17, 2012, 04:33:45 PM »
Precious runs around the person like crazy for a few minutes and then settles down.  With Jack since he is her height she about knocks him over and has her tongue all over his face.  He says Stop Precious, Go Away.