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Researching pedigrees
« on: September 03, 2011, 12:51:02 PM »
A friend just posted this site to Facebook. Could be a good resource. . .
You can export HTML, print the pedigrees and share the link via email.
Pretty darned cool. It's not automatically updated--it requires that people go in and maintain it. I added all of the dogs going back in her pedigree--and since I don't own their pics, I pointed the link to other locations on the web, so they could become broken images as people change their sites, which will be more maintenance for me on an ongoing basis.

I am finding consistant problems with this database at
The information is given by submitters that in a lot of cases have no idea what
is correct, that they have copied from other websites, and is not verified by
anyone.  There are any number of brindle boxers shown from two flashy fawn
(Not a valid registration color) parents.  Many boxers have stud book dates as
their dates of birth or have a parent that was born after them.  Photos are a
whole different copyright problem that seems to be ignored by submitters as
there are photos of boxers shown that don't even have any connections to their own boxers, which may or may not be considered fair use, but wholesale lifting of photos from the UK Record Books sure isn't fair use.

The information at may not be entirely accurate but I try to double check every piece of information before it gets posted, more so on lines
that come out of Hungary where the national registry was hijacked for a number
of years.  AKC Stud books after September 2004 are out of the public domain though
I still wonder how they can claim ownership on facts which are not copyrightable. It
will take me years to input data from the pre2004 stud books I have and I have another 30 being shipped to me that I just purchased, so this definitely is a work in progress.