Author Topic: Diarrhea/Poop in crate!! HELP!!  (Read 4881 times)


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Re: Diarrhea/Poop in crate!! HELP!!
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I wish I had advice.  With Tyson, whom we also got at an early age, he came with a stuffed toy that his litter mates and he had been playing with so he had that scent.  And he knew us as we'd been to visit him several times before we brought him home.  We were HUGE suckers for the puppy face though and he slept in bed with us.  And he still does.  And gets more of the bed than we do.   :dizzy2:

When we did start crate training, we started out with the short stints with us in the room watching tv and just relaxing.  The crate is right by the couch.  And its full of his things and some food and water.  And then we would leave the crate door open when he wasn't in it and leave some of his favorite toys in there so if he wanted them, he had to go in it.  And we always praised him when we put him in or when he went in alone.  Now he goes in and out of his kennel whenever he wants while we're there and he will go in it to stay if we leave during the day (although its with a slight huff and trudging paws, ;) )  It's a process.  I will say though that even though we brought Ty home at about the same age as Tahoe, we didn't start trying to work on the kennel til he was about 3 months old or so. 

Ditto what everyone else says on the diarrhea.
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