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Subject:¬ Alert: Harmful¬ Texas¬ Dog Bill Moving Fast

Harmful Texas Dog Bill Moving Fast
Sportsmen Calls Needed to Stop Legislation Threatening Sporting Dog Owners
House Bill 1451, introduced by Rep.
Senfronia Thompson (D- Houston), would classify
sporting dog owners as commercial dog breeders
and subject them to costly new
regulations, warrantless home inspections, and
expensive new permit fees.This bill has been put
on the fast track. It was rushed through the
committee process and has been placed on the
House Local and Consent Calendar ≠ a Calendar
typically rreserved ¬ for noncontroversial bills
≠ where it could be quicklly passed ¬ through
the full House.Sportsmen need to contact their
state representatives today and ask them to
oppose House Bill 1451 and to remove it from
the Local and Consent Calendar to allow for a
much needed debate on the bill. Some of the
many harmful provisions in the bill include:

Classifying anyone who possesses 11 or
more intact female dogs and sells only one dog >as a breeder. So-called breeders are then
subject to unnecessary new regulations and costly fees.
Allowing unannounced searches of all areas where
a breeder keeps dogs or maintains records
related to their dogs. This would allow
warrantless searches of a breeders own home.
Allowing a commission to set permit fees for
breeders that are necessary to pay for
administrative cost and enforcement of the
bill. The fiscal note attached to the bill
estimates that this will amount to nearly $1.3
million. Based on this estimate, fees for
sporting dog owners could be in the thousands of dollars.
Requiring the commission to establish
new, unnecessary standards of care requirements
including new enclosure, veterinary, and
exercise requirements. These new requirements
are not needed and would cause a financial
burden on responsible sporting dog breeders.
Take Action! Texas sportsmen should contact
their state representatives today and ask them
to ¬ oppose HB 1451 and to remove it from the
Local and Consent Calendar. Tell them the bill
treats sporting dog and hobby breeders as large
commercial breeders, allows for warrantless
searches of homes, and creates unnecessary,
costly new regulations. To find your state
senator's contact information, visit the USSA
Legislative Action Center at
www.ussportsmen. org/LAC<http://www.ussports redir?target= http%3a%2f% 2fwww.ussportsme srcid=5496& srctid=1& erid=8701226>.
For more information, contact the U.S. ¬
Sportsmen's Alliance at 614-888-4868 or email
info@ussportsmen. org<mailto:info@ussportsmen. org>
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance 801 Kingsmill Parkway
Columbus, Ohio 43229 614-888-4868
www.ussportsmen. org<http://www.ussports redir?target= http%3a%2f% 2fwww.ussportsme 5496&srctid= 1&erid=8701226>
info@ussportsmen. org
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