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Re: ARVC Webinar Tuesday night at 9PM Eastern
« Reply #45 on: October 23, 2010, 09:16:12 AM »
I'm a bit confused as to why this thread turned the way it did. I'm also very confused as to why this discussion seems to continuously rear it's ugly head. Really, when you get down into the details, the concept is pretty ridiculous.

Based on a decade of involvement in the breeding, exhibition and pedigree study of boxers, I can honestly tell you that there isn't a single grouping of dogs throughout the world that can be collectively grouped into the bucket of superior health (over any other country's dogs).

I know of German dogs with ARVC and that have died from ARVC, I know of Spanish dogs that have had ARVC, I know of Italian dogs that have had ARVC. I know of US dogs that have had ARVC.

My problem is that the US is the ONLY country that consistently holters to date, and while many dogs in the US may be diagnosed with ARVC via holter monitors, only a small percentage of them die from it, and MANY go on to die of other things, such as cancer.

I'm tired of some continental breeders grouping US dogs into the "unhealthy" category, just because we test, and just because we know, while they continue to stick their heads in the sand and silently breed unhealthy dogs all the while accusingly wagging their fingers at us.

The bottom line is that if you don't test, you don't know, period.

We should never stop testing based on successive clear holters--EVER.

My girl, Mia, has had 4 clear holters over the course of 5 years. The dog I bred her to last January has multiple (I think 4 or 5?) clear holters behind him (done over the course of 9 years). Mia is ARVC-1 Negative. The dog I bred to is ARVC-1 Hetero. Does this mean that I just don't have to holter their son, Carter??? Absolutely not.

Here's the other problem. There are many, many other diseases that can cause ARVC-like symptoms. Low thyroid can. . . Yet this is another disease that other countries don't test for that is routinely tested for in the US.

Frau Stockmann said that her German dogs died from "heart attacks". Unless the current German stock isn't descended from the same stock our dogs are, I'm not convinced they can make the claim that their dogs don't carry the exact same genetic sets that our dogs do. ;)

Again, if you don't test, you don't know, and it's extremely hypocritical to me that some breeders of continental lines stand there and say that x disease "just doesn't happen in import lines". It's the complete proverbial 'ostrich sticking it's head in the sand' approach.
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