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Re: Housetraining Laila
« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2010, 07:19:41 AM »
Remember that a puppy who isn't fully housetrained should be limited to the room you are in - if she's getting out of view, then you aren't giving her or you a chance to stop the behavior.  You need to keep her in view (gate her into the room you are in, etc) so that you can catch her, preferably before she pees. If she starts showing any signals (sniffing, etc). say your "go potty" phrase and head right out the door again.

Puppies are little pee machines - peeing outside doesn't mean she's emptied herself before you go in.  You'll have to be watchful and figure out her patterns so you can get her outside when she needs it.
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Re: Housetraining Laila
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I think the biggest issues with puppies under 5 months is that their attention span is so short, so when you take them outside, you have to remember that.  That can be in the middle of their business and see something and stop... So, I always take my little ones a good distance away from the house to potty, and then while walking back, they have the chance to "finish"... It has worked well for me!  Especially now having multiple little ones, it is a lot of work......
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