Author Topic: Natural Balance pulls ingredient switcheroo?  (Read 705 times)


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Natural Balance pulls ingredient switcheroo?
« on: April 18, 2007, 12:36:08 PM »
As word has spread today about the Natural Balance recall of foods containing rice protein concentrate, a few pet parents astutely observed that Natural Balance has changed their website's list of ingredients for the affected foods. Just a few short days ago, the suspect ingredient was not included among the ingredients listed on the Natural Balance website but, today, after the FDA announcement that melamine was found in the rice protein concentrate, the website was changed to add this ingredient. I believe there is an AAFCO (or is it FDA?) requirement to list ALL the ingredients contained in a pet food on the packaging label. Now, it could be Natural Balance is just woefully behind in updating their website to reflect recent formula changes (note: there are other changes in the ingredients besides the addition of rice protein concentrate.) Conversely, it could be Natural Balance is trying to do a quick CYA. Perhaps some pet parents who purchased the recalled food can take a look at the packaging labels and let us know whether or not the suspect ingredient, rice protein concentrate, appears among the list of ingredients. If not, then this is clearly a violation by Natural Balance of both labeling laws and consumer trust.