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Boxer Crazy Recommended Breeder List
« on: December 23, 2008, 10:42:34 AM »
Boxer Crazy supports those breeders who focus on the long-term welfare of the breed; this means they perform health testing, screen their puppy buyers, limit careless breeding of the dogs they produce, and provide support to their puppies and buyers for the life of the dog (and often beyond).  We also recommend that people buy puppies only from these types of breeders, to ensure the best chance of a happy, healthy, long-lived Boxer.  There are numerous topics in our Breeder forums that discuss finding a breeder, what breeding entails, etc. which should help puppy buyers determine whether they're working with a responsible breeder.

In addition, to give potential puppy buyers a starting point, the breeders listed below have been recommended by Boxer Crazy members who have personal experience with them (or in a few cases, the breeders are themselves members of Boxer Crazy).  Please note that things do change, and it is still the buyer's responsibility to research the breeder before agreeing to purchase a puppy.  If you have questions about a particular breeder, please feel free to PM the member(s) who recommended that breeder.

For members wishing to recommend a breeder, please send the administrators a PM which includes the following mandatory information:

Kennel Name:
Referred by:
Date Referred:

Then provide some information about the breeder, their practices, your interaction with them, etc.  (If you have multiple Boxers, it's probably not a bad idea to note which dog is from the breeder you're recommending.)  Some items of interest would include (but are not limited to):

Participates in conformation (AKC, UKC, CanKC, IACBA)
Shows in performance events  (Obedience, Agility, Rally, Herding)
Participates in working or other activities (Schutzhund, Ringsport, Therapy, Service, SAR)
Member of local Boxer Club
Member of local Kennel Club
Member of National Parent Club
Screens for health
Provides hard copies of health tests
Limits registration of pet puppies
Requires spay/neuter or non-breeding contracts on pet puppies
Requires return of dog if owner cannot keep it

Recommendations should be sent to one of the administrators via PM.  Members who want to "second" (or "third" or "fourth", etc.) a recommendation can do so via PM; all members will be listed.  Members who have had a bad experience with a listed breeder should PM the administrators with details; we will then decide whether to keep the listing, remove it, keep it with a "qualifier", or open the matter up for discussion in a members-only area.  If you have any questions regarding this listing, please PM an administrator.
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