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Temperament question
« on: November 25, 2008, 09:00:33 AM »'s a far off is this from the expected boxer temperament?.

Jetta- when meeting news dogs goes wiggle butt all over the place, licks their face, bats at them...shows no fear...never has (as a 10 week old pup at 10 lbs she tried to climb the face of a "new friend" newfoundland dog...he was like 120 lbs...she was another dog shows aggression or shows extreme dominance (example...friends old pit Tapper...he was VERY dominant...he did not want her belly off the ground...every time she would try to get up he would force her she would lay down or roll over in submission to a much larger dog) but for dogs who are friendly she is extremely happy and excited and wants to play. 

when she sees a squirrel, rabbit, cat come onto our property, her ears perk, she stands at attention and gives a low growl and bark...and then she sits and watches to make sure the tresspasser does not come back...

With new people...she wants to lick them to death

With Bo- he will not be dominated by any dog he meets.  He is fine with dogs who are more submissive than he is...but he and a more dominate dog will always "fight" for that dominant spot...once he knows a dog, he loves them...when he meets new woman...he want to be their best friend...with strange men, he is very weary until I let him know it's ok...He constantly guards the backyard...and occassionally looks through the window.  he seems to have a strong prey drive...he likes to chase things smaller than he is...

From what I have are their temperaments compared to what should be expected from a boxer?  What is off from the norm?  thanks


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Re: Temperament question
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Here is a short article on the ABC site that is specific to temperament and character.. it does not address dog-dog relationships though:
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