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Dash's Foundation II class
« on: May 09, 2008, 09:25:35 AM »
Dash had his second Foundation II class last night and it was the first night we started "really" learning handling.  We also worked the dogs "off-leash" (actually leashes attached but dragging) for the first time as well - and there were no "dogs taunting Dash" incidence involved!  :thumbsup:

So to start out the night we set up two tunnels curved with both ends facing each other. She wanted us to practice just sending them in circles a couple of times, not holding the leash, guiding with our bodies/hands.  Dash did well going to the left until he caught a scent at the beginning of one tunnel - he actually turned around, laid down, and started sniffing.  ::)  We started going to the right, but he kept stepping on his leash - he'd feel the pressure and stop.... we are now on the hunt for something to use as a short leash/pull-tab.

Next we started working on front crosses. She started out using the same tunnel set up and being our "dog" while we practiced the body motion to get a feel for it and start building some muscle memory. After we all practiced that way, we each had a turn with our dogs.

I didn't really need the demo, but she also showed us how to practice front crosses on the flat. Dash was doing so well, I think I could have done them without a leash - I just held out my hand and would say "with" as I walked one way, then the other (not always saying "with" on the turn - he had to pay attention).  By the end of class I could sprint from side to side and he'd follow me.  :2thumbsup:

One surprising thing was how well all three dogs focused on us during the "off-leash" segment. Given last weeks' hijinx I had my doubts, but even with the two inactive dogs just a short (10-15ft?) distance away, they kept with their handler. Dash still wanted to "maul" the trainer, but what else is new.  ::) The little demon Mudik showed up w/just the man, and she seemed to do much better with only him handling her, no outbreaks of evil snapping and lunging  :thumbsup:
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Re: Dash's Foundation II class
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2008, 09:58:54 AM »
I'm glad the class went so well!! It sounds like Dash it doing great.  I'm glad noneo f the other dogs taunted Dash this time!
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