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TEXAS - Heads Up, Trouble brewing in Dallas!
« on: February 09, 2008, 01:16:57 PM »
From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, the reasonable voice regarding animal issues in Texas.
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance is an animal welfare organization, not "animal rights" and, yes, there is a difference.
Permission granted to crosspost.

Thanks to the Dallas Morning News and reporter Dave Levinthal, we were informed that the Dallas Animal Shelter Commission unanimously passed suggestions on January 17th regulating dogs, cats and dangerous dogs in Dallas. These suggestions will now go to the Quality of Life Committee to be finalized before a city council vote. This followed closely on the heels of the onerous San Antonio animal ordinance which passed mid-December and appears to propose similar provisions.

RPOA spent two weeks trying to get a copy of the proposal. We kept getting the runaround and were referred to others repeatedly, but finally obtained enough information to send out this notice. RPOA was told this is in the
"very early stages" and there is no written document yet; that the Animal Shelter Commission is "only an advisory committee" and they attempted to downplay the proposal. They claim that Levinthal was "misinformed."

According to Levinthal (who attended the Animal Shelter Commission meeting) the following suggestions were made:

* Pet limits of no more than 6 dogs, cats or a combination in a single-family home would be allowed. Animal foster or rescue organizations could keep more upon obtaining permission from the city's animal service director (meaning there will be permits issued which authorize city personnel to enter your home at any time for inspections). Pet owners with
more than six animals would be grandfathered.

* All dogs and cats over 4 months of age must be spayed or neutered unless a breeder permit is purchased at a cost of $500 annually which would subject those in possession to random city inspections.

* The city would be allowed to immediately seize dangerous animals, such as those that have attacked a person without provocation and will consider a ban on chaining animals to trees or posts.

Councilmember Pauline Medrano's office grudgingly admitted that the suggestions from the Animal Shelter Commission include "a limit of number of dogs and cats, would regulate breeding, and expand marketing policies and procedures if passed." Medrano chairs the Quality of Life Committee. Her office said there may be a briefing to city council on March 24th but nothing is definite. It is being called an "Aggressive Dog Ordinance" at the present time but they said it may be renamed later.

Asst. City Manager David Brown said, "We have to do something." Animal Services is under his supervision. He admitted there have been a couple of meetings between the Legal Department and the Animal Shelter Commission already so it sounds as though this is farther along than claimed. Since this is a national "animal rights" legislative agenda, there's little doubt what the "something" will say.

RPOA will send out an action alert next week with contact information for Dallas officials. We can't wait until a written document is released as that may be too late. In the meantime, spread this information to your friends, acquaintances and club members and warm up the fax machines. But be forewarned PETA, HSUS and friends will be doing the same -- just as they did with California's AB 1634 and the San Antonio ordinance. Please cross post and
forward, especially to Dallas residents.

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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Phone: (210) 822-6763
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