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Title: Dash and Delta go weight pulling
Post by: BoxerWB on September 16, 2013, 04:25:54 PM
This Saturday a local dog training studio had a fun weight pull day. It is set up as a "one way" event that is appropriate for dogs like Dash - one dog working, one dog getting ready behind a barrier, all other dogs crated in other rooms or outdoors. It was very fun and, for once, Dash stole the show! He loved it once he got the idea of what was going on, whereas Delta was just a willing participant. Dash never hesitated to pull, Delta took a beat to get moving on the last round. And because this is an "obedience-free" sport, the weight pull people all loved Dash. The trainer was someone I'd been talking to because she needed breeder referrals and she said she wished she could get a Boxer like Dash, all the energy and enthusiasm (I told her not quite like Dash, because of his background, but still enjoyed the compliment).

The cart for dogs over 40lbs is 200lbs empty (!!) and they added a brick each time for the 2nd through 4th rounds, ending with 305lbs.  This seemed pretty high, but in real competition, a dog needs to pull 8 times their body weight for the first UKC title.  So, Delta would have needed roughly 60lbs more to be "competition weight" and Dash would have needed to pull almost 200lbs more! I actually suspect Delta could do it in her current condition (the guy holding the cart commented on her thunder thighs, lol), Dash would take a little conditioning but probably not much. Round 4, on the video, they were each pulling around 6-6.5 times their body weight at 305lbs.

Delta, taking a moment but digging in to get it done.

Dash, like a BOSS!  :cool:

There was someone taking pictures that they posted on their FB page. She didn't get many of Dash. I let them know he was reactive, and at first they thought I meant to humans too, so she kept her distance. She didn't take pictures at the later rounds, when it was clear Dash was just a loving spaz.  :laugh4: Delta looks like she's being stubborn, but I pointed at the floor (they need their head down) and she thought I was telling her to down. :blush:

It was a very cool weekend and I'm definitely bringing Dash back if they do one of these again! I'm even looking into getting him a simple version of the harness to do "drag weights" - they use them for training, I am thinking they would help him build muscle in his back end as well as making our short walks have a bigger impact (I don't dare do long walks on our road, I think a couple of people have loose dogs).  Trying to find an inexpensive harness will be the trick though, since the "real" ones are pretty spendy!
Title: Re: Dash and Delta go weight pulling
Post by: Eilene on September 16, 2013, 04:37:27 PM
Impressive.THats alot of weight to pull
Title: Re: Dash and Delta go weight pulling
Post by: LOVEBUG on September 16, 2013, 05:48:46 PM
That is so cool, that you are able to try all these different things with your dogs! :thumbsup:

When you say that Dash is "reactive", what do you mean?
Title: Re: Dash and Delta go weight pulling
Post by: Bruins_Boxer on September 17, 2013, 01:48:46 PM
I bought a pulling harness in one of the pet supply catalogs years back . It has a fleece/ lambswool front piece for padding across the chest and a set of lines to hook up to each side of the harness and then to the item being pulled .

We got it when Titan was young and used it for him to pull Rylie on the sled .

Great videos .  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Dash and Delta go weight pulling
Post by: BoxerWB on September 18, 2013, 11:37:25 AM
Reactive is a generic term for dogs that get overstimulated by other dogs, people, or new environments. Some people use it as a way to avoid saying "aggressive" but for dogs like Dash, it really is just that he overreacts to excitement. You use it for more severe cases, not just happy Boxer bouncing but dogs that can't calm down, could escalate to aggression, etc. Dash starts out meaning well, but if he is allowed to keep amping up, he can get frustrated and be more inclined to snap, snarl, etc. Dogs who are reactive tend to get so over-stimulated that they are unable to follow commands and unable to calm down in a "normal" amount of time.

I find it hard to describe because a lot of it does sound like typical overexcited puppy stuff, but there is a quality and intensity to it that is very different.  For instance, there is a young Boxer pup in the class I am assisting that is *not* reactive. She jumps, barks, lunges, mouths people, etc for the first part of class, but by the middle or end, she's acclimated herself enough that she'll voluntarily lay down and watch calmly. When he took classes, Dash had to be in a far corner just to stay under excitement threshold for an hour class - he never really "settled". When we took a "Control Unleashed" class (with only one other dog), he did very well with stationary exercise but very easily got over-amped on exercises where he had to stay under control while moving.
Title: Re: Dash and Delta go weight pulling
Post by: LOVEBUG on September 18, 2013, 05:34:08 PM
Julia, you just described Porsha to a tee! She is indeed, reactive! This has given me a much better understanding of her behavior. :thumbsup: