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Title: Ideas wanted:
Post by: AandWBoxers on February 06, 2013, 01:37:01 PM
I would like to get some ideas on how to get my one Boxer - Mocha, 9 yrs old - more interested in eating.  I have some suggestions from our vet (heating the canned food I add to the kibble, adding garlic powder, adding hot water), and I have tried adding salmon oil and ground up homemade chicken liver treats, but she's still not really eager to eat. 

Her teeth have been recently cleaned and they are all fine, so I know there isn't anything mouth related to cause her pain and therefore not want to eat. 

The few things I have done to help, have worked a little.  She is 50 pounds now, up from 48 that she was last month before the teeth cleaning, but she's going back to not eating her full portions.  Our vet thinks she's too thin (can easily see her ribs, spine and hip bones). 

I am currently feeding her Fromm Family dry kibble in Chicken A La Veg with chicken pate' canned food added.  She also gets Duck and Sweet Potatoes dry kibble (also from Fromm) with duck and chicken pate' canned and the third dry I've been alternating with is Fromm's Pork and Applesauce. 

Any information will be greatly appreciated!! 
Title: Re: Ideas wanted:
Post by: Theresa on February 06, 2013, 06:52:21 PM
Low sodium chicken broth?
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Post by: Boxermom,K on February 07, 2013, 09:46:14 AM
is there one of those foods she is better about eating than the others? Try feeding her just one type/flavor. Sometimes when you are trying to get a dog more interested in eating too much rotation doesn't help. I agree with the chicken broth, also try boiling beef soup bones and adding the broth from that to her kibble.
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Post by: RocketBoxer on February 07, 2013, 01:26:51 PM
What about some home cooking (like a stew) mixed in with her kibble?
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Post by: AandWBoxers on February 08, 2013, 01:32:52 PM
Many thanks for the ideas.   :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Ideas wanted:
Post by: 3BOXERS on February 08, 2013, 06:41:10 PM
Natures Farmacy has something called digestive enhancer. It helps them pull more out of their food. I have seen it help some put one weight. They also have a product called gain and shine. Works pretty well.  Try sprinkling Parmesan cheese on her food. Has she always been a picky eater?
Title: Re: Ideas wanted:
Post by: AandWBoxers on February 19, 2013, 05:42:57 PM
She has been a rather picky eater for most of her life.  She'll go in spurts - eat well for a day or two and then skip a meal or two.  Then, she'll eat 1.5 meals a day for a week and then skip meals again.  She's never been above 52 pounds in weight. 

Thank you again for the ideas.  I have tried to mix in our leftovers - maybe a heaping tablespoon of goulash or cut-up meat and mashed potatoes and she'll still turn her nose up at it.   :(  Lately, I added a tablespoon of cooked rice that has just a little butter mixed in (to the entire bowl we had for dinner.) No salt.  She didn't eat that meal. 

One thing that gets her to eat more is when Axel will be standing by waiting for her to leave her dish unattended....  :furious3: 

She seems to like the Chicken A La Veg the best, but even after a few days of the bag being open, she'll start skipping meals.  I suppose I will have to be resealing bags to try to keep it fresher for her??? 

I will try the chicken or beef broth next.  I'd like to avoid medications, if we can.  But, will do it as a last resort!! 
Title: Re: Ideas wanted:
Post by: 3BOXERS on February 22, 2013, 03:26:54 PM
The stuff from Natures Farmacy is not really meds. they are supplements.
If she has always been a picky eater she may have what they call a protin intolerance. Some time certain protins do not digest well and can cause some discomfort. So they don't want to eat even know they are hungry.
 Most dogs foods contain more then one protin source. I.E chicken, beef, fish. Try looking for one that only one of these and feed that for 6 weeks and see if she eats better.

Or you could look for a dog food that is designed for high performance dogs. They have lost of calories.
Title: Re: Ideas wanted:
Post by: AandWBoxers on March 22, 2013, 02:36:13 PM
I found something!!!  :thumbsup:

Grandma Lucy's "Artisan" Freeze-Dried, Grain-Free food.
"All Natural - No By-Products - No Preservatives - Made in U.S.A." 

I add just about a tablespoon of it to water and let it soak (per the instructions) for 3-5 minutes and then mix the rest of her dry kibble with it.  Has such a terrific smell to it, and Mocha just eats almost every dish-full I give her. 
Sometimes I add chicken or beef stock to it instead of the water. 

I will be taking her to the vet to see how much she weighs soon! She does LOOK better now. 

(I better knock on wood to make sure I haven't jinxed us... LOL)