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Title: Jumping on daughters back
Post by: Popeyelove on May 04, 2012, 12:52:06 PM
I was wondering what to do about Popeye jumping up and hitting my daughters back when we are walking away or just walking around in the backyard ( she is 2 years old).  He is eight months old now and 50 lbs. Even when he puts his paws on me, which I am training him not to do, it hurts.  When we are in the yard I have to keep him on a leash because he tackles her even if she is not playing with him.  I know he is nuts about her but he keeps hurting her with his paws or tackling and trampling anytime he is off leash outside.  He also will keep jumping up on us even when we walk away if he is excited, he is relentless. He'll jump on our backs or ram us from the side.  He does know how to sit, but he'll only sit for about five seconds at a time, but he will do it on command.  When he does his zoomies everyday we won't go near him because he is uncontrollable during that time of day.
Title: Re: Jumping on daughters back
Post by: Popeyelove on May 04, 2012, 01:28:44 PM
Let me add that Popeye knows the off command and will jump on her even when I am holding her hand.  I constantly use the off command around her and me.  It's almost like he waits for us to turn our backs. Any suggestions as to what we can do?
Title: Re: Jumping on daughters back
Post by: BoxerPerson on May 04, 2012, 07:09:32 PM
Popeye is a puppy and is testing you.  It is extremely important that you establish the pecking order with him.  You are the leader of the pack and he is at the bottom.  Puppy classes and obedience training are very important.  He may know commands, but he is doing what he wants when he thinks he can.  You need to be loving but firm. If he cannot walk nicely when you have your daughter, maybe work with him without her and then slowly try him with her, but if he misbehaves go back to working on his manners.
Title: Re: Jumping on daughters back
Post by: Mader on June 15, 2012, 10:14:38 AM
Keeping a leash on the pup will allow you to correct him when he jumps, it is almost impossible to correct the dog without going to grab the collar, then the pup thinks this is fun time, and things get out of control, that is why keeping a long line on him and then remote correction by taking the end of the line and using the verbal command OFF then tug with line, as soon as the dogs feet are 4 on the floor, a big praise.  You would be surprised how fast they learn.  then try off the line with verbal only, if he goes back to being sassy, on with the line again.  don't worry if there are some set-backs, once they learn, it usually sticks for life, it just getting them to learn ha ha ha  Good luck to you...