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Title: new puppy
Post by: hairykopite on December 07, 2011, 10:10:06 AM
Hi firstly just to introduce myself im Paul I and am looking to get a boxer and was looking for a knowledgeable person in my area. I have found a very good breeder that i have spoken to a few times and am going to visit this weekend, we have a border terrier at the minute and would like company for her and have found that boxers are great with children of which we have 3. My problem is i have been told that boxers suffer from separation issues when left for any period of time, now this is a problem we had when we owned a beagle the minute he was left he would bark until we came home again which caused problems with my next door neighbors even though it was just the school run ( 30 mins twice a day ), this caused alot of tension as my partner could never go out even to the shops. I think to some extent that we caused some of these problems due to the way we treated him when we got him, I guess what i am asking is that with the proper crate training and exercise do you get the same problem or can you leave your boxers for an hour or two from time to time and not have the constant barking. Sorry if this seems a stupid thing to ask i did ask the breeder but to be fair she doesn't have neighbors so its hard to tell.

Thank You I Advance
Title: Re: new puppy
Post by: BoxerPerson on December 07, 2011, 11:02:00 AM
If you don't mind, who is your breeder? How old will this boxer be? I ask these questions because the response will/can be different.

But just so you know...All dogs, doesn't matter the breed, can suffer from separation anxiety.  Dealing with it takes time and possibly a behaviorist to assist you. 
Title: Re: new puppy
Post by: Eilene on December 07, 2011, 11:21:42 AM
I never had a boxer with seperation problems..Chicklet was not crazy about her crate but went in it....
Title: Re: new puppy
Post by: hairykopite on December 07, 2011, 11:40:40 AM
my breeder is a lady who is registered on the kennel club website as a breeder in my area and he will be 8 weeks when available on the 21st of dec
Title: Re: new puppy
Post by: Patti on December 07, 2011, 12:10:13 PM
I definitely don't agree that Boxers have separation issues - any dog can. What matters is the way you train them.

Otis has never had a problem with us leaving the house. He was crate trained (which no puppy loooves but they get used to it) and then was allowed free roam around 1 year old. His days consist of naps, making a mess of his toys and waiting for the UPS guy to come so he came scare the bejeesus out of him at the door :devilish:
Title: Re: new puppy
Post by: Bruins_Boxer on December 07, 2011, 12:59:51 PM
As long as the puppy thinks of the crate as a good place to be you should have no problems .
Keep the crate in a place where the puppy can see what is going on around him/her( never secluded in room alone) . Feed in the crate and play games with the puppy going in and out on his/her own .

Hopefully the breeder will have already begun crate training for you . Be sure to ask her that .

None of my boxers have had seperation anxiety and all dogs are different no matter what breed.

I can tell you that boxers are a people breed and have a great need to be with their people . They do not like to be away from their family . You will find them following you around , often times under your feet tripping over them and they love to be as close to you as they can . This is why it is so important NOT to keep them crated alone where they can not see you .
Title: Re: Re: new puppy
Post by: Theresa on December 07, 2011, 01:29:05 PM
Hello and welcome. Boxers are the best, just ask anyone here. ;)

Dogs are like people and you cant say they all have seperation anxiety. My two don't. Both are crate trained but Bead hates it and has transitooned to free roam. Pnut goes into the crate on her own. She.actually likes confining spaces (she sleeps under the bed most of the night) 

Does the breeder you're looking at have a kennel name or website?  If so can you provide it?  We'd love yo verify, for you, that.she is.a responsible breeder (responsive breeders show and perform health testing on their dogs before breeding).  If not rescuing, it's.important to get.a puppy from a breeder that does all the tests recommended by the ABC (boxers are.susceptible to cardiomyopethy and the doing annual heart testing helps to avoid breeding puppies that.will develop the condition) 

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Title: Re: new puppy
Post by: RocketBoxer on December 07, 2011, 02:23:37 PM
None of my 3 boxers have separation anxiety - and neither has any boxer I have ever owned. I am not sure who your source was on the information but IMO they are misinformed. However, it certainly will pay to crate train your puppy properly from the time you bring it home (hopefully at least 8 weeks or older).
I would start familiarising your puppy with the crate from the time you bring it home. The crate should be a safe and happy place for your puppy - some toys/treats etc. I would not allow kids or your other dog to infere with your puppy when it is in it's crate - that should be it's safe place. First off have it in it's crate with you there - and then for small periods of time when you are gone - and gradually build up time.

I would also talk to the breeder about the parents of the puppy - because temperament is largely genetic. So - find out what sort of temperament the sire/dam have - how do they behave when left alone, are they crate trained etc.
Title: Re: new puppy
Post by: hairykopite on December 08, 2011, 04:00:40 AM
Thank you guys for all your help we are off to see the breeder on saturday and taking our eldest daughter with us who is 4 so she can see a fully grown boxer as they have the mother and grandmother there. As you guys have said i think strong crate training is the key.