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Title: The head...
Post by: lucyana1129 on November 16, 2011, 04:34:00 PM
Something I find interesting is the boxer head. I understand that a long nose is usually a poorly bred boxer. But what about those with a pretty short nose, just not smooshed up. Dixies turns up at the end and she has the typical underbite. She also has this dip in between her eyes. I think I've read that is also normal. Her nose isn't really long so why would it not be more wrinkly? She has a few wrinkles on the sides of her face but not a lot. Almost every boxer I've seen (and since getting Dixie I seem to see them everywhere....haha!) Has a different head. I know there is a standard but they all seem so unique. Even when within the standard. Is her nose not being smooshed also due to poor breeding? They don't like, get smooshier with age do they? Like growing into it. If that's a dumb question sorry. Haha! Just curious. I love the smooshy face. Not that I don't love Dixies pretty face tho. Also, eyes....hers seem cat like in shape sometimes. Is this also poor breeding? I actually love her eyes. Love them! I think they are gorgeous. I've just noticed they are much different than others that have big round eyes.
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Post by: BranwenBoxers on November 16, 2011, 06:22:08 PM
Here is a good place to read more about Boxer heads   .       
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Post by: BoxerWB on November 16, 2011, 06:29:54 PM
Yes, there are two components to the nose appearance -  muzzle length and uptilt of the actual nose.

Puppies do get "puppy uglies" anywhere between about 8 weeks and 2 years so their noses can go through stages where they are out of proportion with their face.  Dixie may still grow a bit so that she doesn't look "as" schnozy, but it won't go so far as to bring her back to a "correct" proportion.   Uptilt seems to stay more steady, and yes, is often lost with poor breeding.

There is a lot of variation when you are looking closely at Boxers because there are a LOT of "moving parts" so to speak... so many details, especially in the head, that can make a difference in how the dog appears.
Title: Re: The head...
Post by: BoxerPerson on November 17, 2011, 07:09:37 AM
Heather posted good information about the two girlies have a bit longer nose.  Phoebe in particular has Dixie's nose, what is missing IMO is depth of muzzle...if you look straight on the head, you will see that they are lacking the depth (up & down and width) of their muzzle. Not that much for mush IMO