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Title: covering her pee with a toy...
Post by: Samsons Mom on September 26, 2008, 01:38:01 AM
aaron gave her a plush toy this morning and when i got there at lunch time she had peed on it. then tonight she had and accident and she covered it with a toy, i thought that was a little odd. she is very stubborn. the vet said she has a uti and shes on meds : (

has anyone elses babies done that with their toy
Title: Re: covering her pee with a toy...
Post by: BoxerWB on September 26, 2008, 06:25:43 AM
#1: Your pup is using the toy just like she used the blanket. No surprise there.

#2: She's not stubborn, she's a PUPPY! Stubbornness requires a knowledge of what you want and deliberately going against that. She doesn't know any of your human rules yet, so she cannot be stubborn. Don't forget that "don't pee in the house" is a human rule.

#3: It's dangerous to leave something a puppy can ingest inside their crate with them when you aren't around. This goes double if the toy had a squeaker, since those can cause major problems if they are eaten. If you want to leave her a toy, get her a hard rubber toy like a Kong.

Did the vet do a urine culture to determine that she had a UTI?
Title: Re: covering her pee with a toy...
Post by: BoxerPerson on September 26, 2008, 08:54:09 AM
It takes time for a pup to learn NOT to pee in a crate or in the house. YOU need to be consistent in what you are doing to help her learn YOUR rules of potty behavior.  Have you thought about bell training when you are home?  I was lucky with Phoebe...she has NEVER messed in the house or her crate...but I have had some that have! I have stood out in the worse weather Wisconsin has to offer trying to train a pup to potty outside...and I thought she would never "get it"  but she did...eventually.  First I had to train ME and realize that she is a pup and that she only can hold her potty for a certain amount of time, that she needed to potty at certain times...I had to look for those signals like sniffing, walking in circles etc.  I made sure that I took her out every 3 hours...even at night.  And guess what?  She was potty trained before I knew it!

I also agree with Julia that toys should NOT be left with her...but I have to admit I have done this with NO issue.  I read an article about a pup choking in the crate that changed my mind on that!  Now it is only safe bones or kongs.

Your pup will learn what you want in time...
Title: Re: covering her pee with a toy...
Post by: Samsons Mom on September 26, 2008, 12:02:57 PM
she is on antibiotics right now cause her bladder was swollen.
i have been reading about bell training and were going to try it.
i want to hold off on crating her at night until her uti is cleared up cause i hate that she has to lay in there and i cant give her a bath everyday. last night she peed on one side of her crate(it has a divider in it) so she would still sleep in there.

also, how should i train her to not drink from puddles and ground water? is there another topic like that?